Hackerbot Labs, the creation of legitimate chaos


3ric coordinates the day-to-day operations of Hackerbot Labs, a hacker space in Seattle, Washington, USA. 3ric will be showing off some projects which have been worked on at the space, talking about the formation & running of the space as well as how they’ve dealt with hard problems they’ve encountered. Provided customs does not have issues with the types of devices he's trying to smuggle into the country, there may be some interesting demos. Safety-oriented presentations of power tool drag races, flaming tetherball, high-altitude ballooning, rfid party tricks and social hacking will be shown. plz bring your rfids.


3ric Johanson

3ric Johanson has been breaking things for many years. A Shmoo Group member, he's been involved with several successful projects, including Shmoocon, Hackerbot Labs (A Seattle-based hacker space), vend-o-rand and rainbowtables. By day, he is a security consultant specializing in penetration testing and application assessments.