Buddy Rivers live


'Buddy Rivers Live' is a live networked performance, and an ongoing project. The first performance took place on 26 April 2008 at 55 Leroy Street, London SE1 and was simultaneously webcast. The core of this project is a computer network generated comedian, who is capable of an endless generated network performance. His jokes and speech are all constructed or written on the fly – live – on the Internet. His performance is driven largely by user interaction and user response, guided by some primitive artificial intelligence. Buddy Rivers, the comedian, hasn't done standup for years and fears he's lost his edge, so now uses computer programs and Internet searches to generate his jokes.




Dave Miller tells stories through images and text-based works, mixing topical social and political real-life issues, news and events, with his own experiences, views and observations. His practice spans several art forms, from net art exploring collaboration, networks and generative forms, to live mapping events and printed booklets and prints.