SIGKILL Imminent - Novel Robot Uprising Mitigation Strategies
  • Title: SIGKILL imminent - Novel Robot Uprising Mitigation Strategies
  • Speaker: Esther "astera" Schneeweisz
  • Language: English
  • Keywords: robotics, war, dangers, DIY robots, future
  • Description: As we all know, computers are advancing at an incredible rate. How long will it take them to switch from obeying what we taught them, to gain the ability to think and turn over our system? While we've seen this scenario imagined in many movies, it has been rarely ever talked about how to protect yourself in the event of a robot army deciding to mass execute SIGKILL death on all of mankind. This basic but most frightening humanitarian problem is even more escalated as more and more robots are able to reproduce, while more and more scientists are researching possible ways to create an AI and autonomous military killing machines, that may or may not need a person monitoring its behaviour. This lecture will introduce the audience to current development in the field of robotics, while specifically dealing with DIY culture and projects such as the RepRap, MakerBot, and supporting groups in comparison. One of the points will also question the actuality and reasonableness of Asimov's Laws Of Robotics, and how these might be adapted over the course of time. After going through possibilities of reasons for an upcoming robot rebellion and uprising, the focus will turn towards possible danger multiplicators as well as strategies to avoid them, and how to react in a potential case of an attack. What advantages will humans still have over a robot armada in the near future? What knowledge should we strive to acquire before an attack, and what key facts should we always remember for the future? Knowledge of our technological cobweb is the only way to ensure victory when we have no one to rely on but ourselves.