Sebastien "lekernel" Bourdeauducq

Even though lekernel loves most areas of hacking, a large number of his projects have been around the latest electronic devices out there.
He has joined the Prism54 developers' team in 2004, authoring drivers and firmware for different, newer chipsets for which no specification was available. He has also been involved in different industrial projects such as the development in 2006 of the 802.11 embedded driver stack for the Wi-Fi smart rabbit called Nabaztag. In 2008, he has co-founded the OpenPattern company, which produces FPGA-based open hardware devices, and he is mostly involved in PCB and FPGA developments. He is also an active member of the /tmp/lab geek collective, and one of the inventors of the "Consumer-B-Gone" ringtone.
He is now spending a lot of time on the development of the Milkymist videosynth platform.