Pushing The Limits In Open Source Licensing And Beyond
  • Title: eGPL & CUL: Pushing the Limits in Open Source Licensing, and Beyond
  • Speakers: Philippe Langlois & Thiago Alves Maximo
  • Language: English
  • Keywords: license, exception, creation, limits, open source

eGPL is an "Exception License". It's a new kind of license that has never been presented to the public before. It enables open source developers to release projects to the public while letting them define ethical limits within which one can use her or his creation.

CUL (Creative Uncommon License) mixes the idea of exception from eGPL with CC license, to develop it in case of cultural creations. It lets the creator be in control of his creation, and to change to his needs the restrictive definition of licenses into a creative one.

We'll try to explain the basic principles which are altering what BSD, MIT, Creative Commons and GPL licenses brought and then open the field toward a more liberal approach to licenses, in all of the three commonly accepted senses of the definition.