IX - An Automagical Device

IX is a vicious and powerful magical device for bewitching computers. The cube has the ability to enchant or bewitch computers through a potent but unpredictable combination of hacker exploits, stage magic and cybersexual witchcraft. It contains 9 randomly executed spells that are set free by shaking an enchanted cube.

Since 2007, this collaborative project has been developed by H3X3N, a group from Madrid, Malmoe, Chicago and Linz composed of Mark Beasley, Abraham Manzanares (Coloursound), Fernando LBarrajon, jake elliott, tamas kemenczy, Alex Inglizian, Sandra Rosas Ridolfi, Nina Wenhart and jonCates. It has been exhibited at the 2007 interactivos festival in Madrid, at Deadtech (Chicago) in 2008 and will be installed at the Turn*On festival in Montreal in the fall of 2009. For each venue, a different version of IX is created, featuring the specific qualities of the different places.