HostileWRT: Turn Your Friendly Wireless Access Point into an Autonomous, Curious, Standalone, Malicious & Really Annoying Device
  • Title: HostileWRT: turn your friendly wireless access point into an autonomous, curious, standalone, malicious & really annoying device
  • Speakers: Itzhack & Mr. Parkinson
  • Language: English
  • Keywords: embedded, wireless, wep cracking, vuln scanning, captive portal evasion, internet sharing, unvoluntary mesh network, accidental associations
  • Description: Have you ever imagined what a recalcitrant access point would look like? Well… neither do we. So we're going to show you what REAL love is all about. HostileWRT tends to make love to your antennas thanks to the 802.11 protocol suite. Then, sharing the love is more than natural. No wonder then that HostileWRT, despite its very "blackhat" touch, is the most desirable item in one's sado-(techno)-masochist outfit.
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