Esther "astera" Schneeweisz

Esther Schneeweisz aka astera is a robotics lover, hackerspace enthusiast and technology fanatic, while at the same time she feels the urgent need of sharing her thoughts and futuristic fears with the world in order to save the planet from ZARs (zombie alien robots), the general ever-growing dumbing down, and the omnipresent stultification of human population, for example.

When not working on shiny little twin robots at the Metalab, Vienna's awesome hackerspace, or automated home environment in her spare time, she works as industrial designer, consultant, coder and part-time sysadmin.

Currently, astera devotes every free minute to, the knowledge base, and the Republic of BLAH (boundless l33ts and hackers), which she just founded. Fortunately the angst of a robotic uprising and fall of all mankind keeps her wake almost all night, therefore prolonging her workday, leaving enough time to travel around the world and give enlightening talks.